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We are living in a fast-paced world where we want to harvest tomorrow when we only planted today, but just like a tree that needs time to build the strong roots and to give us ripe fruit, we also need to realize that there are some things it is worth waiting for.

From 'Shortcuts To Life' (out before Summer '23)

Miriam Mender is NOT an award-winning founder of a multimillion-dollar business, nor a bestselling author (yet :D). She studied business administration and events at Cambridge and had worked in hospitality and management before becoming a founder of her own photography project. She has always been into exploring human potential and has now found her calling in sharing her experience from her studies of psychology and the NLP trainings. ‘’I’m just a regular person with an ordinary background - like you, like your neighbor.’’ - as she puts it.


She enjoys traveling and photography and has always been curious about the self-development journey, and easy life (the concept from her upcoming book Shortcuts To Life) has become her personal mantra. ‘’Easy life is not only about simplifying it but about making the most of your time using the least amount of effort.’’


So why listen to Miriam? Why read what she has to say?


'’For me, life is like my beloved traveling,’’ says Miriam, ‘’I love exploring new destinations. A new environment always gives you this thrill and forces you to go out of your comfort zone, and every time you go out of your comfort zone in your life, you find that you grow.'''


''I have not created this project to teach others or to 'guide' them but rather to explore life's potential and learn myself from what I discover. For those who want to join me and take this journey with me, I hope to become an inspiration in sharing my experience.’’


''Life is a travel, and life is a journey. And I believe that every journey of us, regular people can and should lead to becoming the absolute best version of ourselves, becoming so happy within that we literally fall in love with our own life, and becoming so successful and content on a personal level that none of those loud recognitions and awards will matter to us anymore. Exchange ‘numbers ones’ for ‘being happy’ and ‘trophies’ for ‘peace’. ’’


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