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Miriam Mender Shortcuts To Life habits audiobook
Miriam Mender Shortcuts To Life Habits Book

'Shortcuts To Life' is a non-fluff bite-sized book written by Miriam where she shares her experience and suggests how to dramatically improve and at the same time simplify our lives in major areas. 7 magical habits that promise to transform your life will do just that if you are an action-taker.

Coming out before Autumn 2023, it will also be available as an audiobook.


Miriam Mender Life Photobook

'LIFE' is a reminder of how simple things matter. This black & white photo project, created during the lockdown of the 2020 pandemic, captures the contrast, an inner fight between our minds and the reality we live in. Accompanied by Miriam's playful original quotes. 


Wrapped in a game of light, textures, and shapes, one can expect pages full of soul, humanity, honesty, and provoking thoughts - an elixir of inspiration.

Miriam's photobooks have been designed to move the readers with their touching visual stories. Their aim is to share the feelings that inspire us to take the right daily actions that can one day change the world. 

Miriam's photobook 'LIFE' is now available on Amazon.

Her poetry and his photography.


In this exciting mutual project of Miriam and her partner Arturo, one can expect a game of powerful travel images taken across six continents combined with emotional poetry created for each picture to highlight the importance of a specific issue our humanity faces.

Emotional and Powerful messages will leave you inspired.

This poetry photobook is coming out in the Summer 2023.

Miriam Mender Arturo Romero H Photography poem book
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